Creative Writing Reflection

As someone who typically does not enjoy looking into the meaning of texts or breaking them down into their parts, I expected to dislike creative writing intensely. While I did not learn to love dissecting writing or plays, I did enjoy this class.

The highlights of this class were the “staging a scene” assignment and crafting a short story. The “staging a scene” assignment was an excellent assignment because I was in a group with some amazingly creative people, and we had lots of fun brainstorming then performing our scene. Crafting a short story was also enjoyable because it was challenging to start, but it was a nice flow once I got started.

Some of the low parts for me were slack warmups. Slack warmups were often difficult for me to accomplish because generally, I take a long time to think of an idea and put it into words that I can be happy about. Another part of the class I did not particularly enjoy was the weekly blog posts. Often I found the blog posts to be busy work. They did not always feel like they were improving my skills but rather just an assignment to have an assignment.

Some of the best stories we covered in class were “A Good Man is Hard to Find” and “Hamilton”. These two stories were quite gripping and dramatic. Everything else in the class was not bad, but it also was not very memorable. Overall this was an excellent class!

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